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Fixing broken snap packages on Arch after snap update

11 Jul 2018 . category: tech . Comments
#arch #linux #snap

One of the recent snap updates broke snap packages on arch linux that were install using the --classic flag. This concerns snap packages like Slack or Pycharm. The --classic flag breaks the (strict) confinement policy of regular snap packages, restricting them from accessing the file system outside of their scope and blocking access to some system resources. Though not as locked down as regular snap packages, snap is still a convenient way to install Slack or Jetbrains IDEs on Linux.

The recent snap updates breaks some of the packages, making them unrunnable. The packages try to access the /snap folder which doesn’t exist anymore. The fix is simple:

sudo ln -s /var/lib/snapd/snap /snap

it links the requested folder to the actual folder the packages are installed into and makes them runnable again.


Simon Böhm | Computer Science student at KIT